Did you receive a letter from the NC DHHS regarding the EBCI Tribal Option?

EBCI enrolled members and others eligible for care at IHS facilities may be receiving a letter from the NC Department of Health and Human Services regarding enrollment in the EBCI Tribal Option.

If the letter asks you to choose a PCP and you already have a PCP(Primary Care Provider) assigned through NC DHHS, then NC DHHS will assign you to the same PCP.

And if you do not have a PCP assigned, then you can select one. If you do not select one, one will be auto-assigned to you after 7/1/21.

You will continue to receive services and care in the same way that you been receiving them.

In short, there is nothing you need to do.

If you want to choose a new health plan or NC Medicaid direct or no longer want to be with your current PCP, you can do so at anytime.

For more information, you can visit ncmedicaidplans.gov or call 1.833.870.5500

For more information regarding the EBCI Tribal Option, you can visit
www.ebcitribaloption.com or call 1.800.260.9992.

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