The heart of the EBCI Tribal Option approach to healthcare comes from the philosophy of “du yu ga dv” or the “Right Way” – a program designed to maximize the effectiveness of the staff within the community by building and maintaining healthy relationships. By understanding that each member has their own story that guides their lifestyle choices and healthcare decisions, the “Right Way” emphasizes the importance of developing strong, trusting relationships between the Member and the care team. 

Below is a table showing the topics that the EBCI Tribal Option will be focusing on each month in order to help educate and inform it’s members:

Month Topic  
June 2023Member Education about their Role as a Member to their Healthcare Team/Obtaining and maintaining Medicaid eligibility   
July 2023Healthy Vision Month  
August 2023Immunization Awareness Month 
September 2023 Childhood Obesity (BMI) Awareness and/or Recovery Month and/or Newborn Screening Month 
October 2023 Domestic Abuse Awareness Month and/or Health Literacy Month and/or Breast Cancer Awareness Month
November 2023 American Diabetes Month and/or Tobacco Cessation Month 
December 2023 Safe Toys and Gifts Month and/or National Influenza Vaccination Week  
January 2024 Birth Defects Month 
February 2024 Heart Month and/or Children’s Dental Month 
March 2024 Nutrition Month and/or Brain Injury Awareness Month and/or National Developmental Disabilities Month 
April 2024 Alcohol Awareness Month and/or Sexual Assault Awareness Month and/or Child Abuse Prevention Month  
May 2024 High Blood Pressure Awareness Month and/or Women’s Health Month  and/or Asthma Awareness Month and/or Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s Week (MMIW) and/or Mental Health Awareness Month
June 2024 Men’s Health Month/Member Education about their Role as a Member to their Health Care Team
July 2024Healthy Vision Month 

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